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credit cleanup

mclovin$ cat ./loan
2: ah that makes sense
(15:26:57) z2: ok, the first rule of fight club when comes to fixing credit
(15:27:28) z2: DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT pay any of these creditors UNLESS you get written proof they will remove from your credit report a soon as you pay.
(15:27:36) z2: IF you intend to pay them of course
(15:27:53) z2: next, if there are some issues you do not intend on paying and want removed, you will need to seek the pros
(15:28:08) z2: is the ones i used. super professionals. however, they may take awhile
(15:28:11) z2: mine took about 1 year
(15:28:19) z2: $75 retainer + 30 / month until all resolved
(15:28:28) z2: so figure $75 + 360 = $435
(15:29:34) edy: nice
(15:30:06) edy: what if someone says you owe
(15:30:09) edy: for example
(15:30:12) z2: so for example if you decide that you should just pay the landlord, you can do that. just make sure you get a WRITTEN DOC that states they will remove your credit negatives once they get payment
(15:30:20) edy: ahhh
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